Lounge and Hangouts

Calgary Cannabis Lounge is the connection to find lounges, hangouts, dispensaries, and other cannabis connections that tokers may need.

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Events and Connections

Check out our various groups and events coming up in the cannabis community.


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Calgary Cannabis Lounge

We are part of a newly budding community that connects and brings people together.

Weather you are a medical patient or a recreational cannabis user we can help you get connected and find others to chill with and smoke your green.

Some places in Calgary have already gained a negative reputation for taking advantage of their guests. We will strive to list lounges and communities that have the best possible reputation.

We do not police or regulate locations. Your involvement and recommendations as part of a community will help keep things on the up and up.


Now what?

Join us, connect with our communities and come out to our events.

Getting connected means getting active. Send us a message on Facebook and come to our next events.